The greatest asset of the Superspeciality hospital is ultimately its team of skilled and dedicated doctors. With years of experience in their chosen fields, the highest academic qualifications, and recognition at the national and international level; they embody the Chettinad Group’s values of social responsibility, service to all, and striving for excellence at every stage.

We present below a list of the key people in each department.

Chettinad Super Speciality List

S.No. Dr's Name Department Qualification
1 Dr.Pradeep G Nayar Cardiology MD,.,DNB(cardio).,MNAMS.,FRCP(G).,FRCP(E).,
2 Dr.Chokkalingam Meyappan Cardiology MD.,DNB(cardio)
3 Dr.Ashok Cardiology  
4 Dr.Sanjay Theodore CTVS MS.,M.Ch(CTVS)
5 Dr.Subramanian Neuro M.D., DM (Neuro)
6 Dr. Devaprasad Neuro MBBS, DNB (Gen Med), DM (Neuro)
7 Dr.Natarajan Neuro MD., DM(Neuro), FRCP, EDINPURGH, FIAN
8 Dr.V.G.Ramesh Neuro Surgery M.Ch (Neuro) DNB, FICS(GS),, FICS(NS)FMMC
9 Dr.Karhtikeyan Neuro Surgery M.Ch(Neuro) FMMC,
10 Dr.Venkatraman Ortho MBBS., MS (Ortho)
11 Dr.Dinesh  OrthoPeadics Surg MBBS., MS (Ortho)., DNB(Ortho)., FASM
12 Dr.Shyamala ENT MBBS.,DLO
13 Dr.Babukumar MGE MD.(GM), D.M
14 Dr. M. Madhavan SGE MS(GS).,MCh(SGE)
15 Dr.Deepak Urology MS.,M.Ch., (Urology)
16 Dr. Srinivasan G Urology M.S., M.Ch (Uro)., D.N.B (Uro)., M.R.C.S (Ire).,
17 Dr. M.G.Shekar Urology M.S., M.Ch (Uro), DNB., MRCS (UK),FMAS, FICRS, FICS, MNAMS.
18 Dr.Prema Jeyaprasad OBG MD(OBG)
19 Dr.Ragavi OBG MBBS., DNB (OBG)
20 Dr.Rathnaswamy Paediatric MBBS, DCH-MD (child health)
21 Dr.Srinivasan Paediatric MD, DCH,PGDIP Neonatology(Aus)
22 Dr.Moorthy Paediatric MBBS,MRCS(UK) MCh(AIIMS) DNB(Paed Surg) NMAMS
23 Dr.Pandiyan IVF MBBS., DGO, MD, MNAMS
24 Dr.Radha Pandiyan IVF MBBS., DGO., MD
25 Dr.Prabhu Mayakesavan Anestheist/CTICU MD., Cardiac Anesthetist
26 Dr.Mohanarangan Anestheist/CTICU  
27 Dr.Vijayakumar Anestheist/CTICU  
28 Dr.Sivakumar Anestheist/CTICU  
29 Dr.Tamilselvi Anestheist/CTICU  
30 Dr.Pughal Vendan Anestheist/CTICU  
31 Dr. Nimisha Checha Jacob Anestheist/CTICU M.B.B.S., M.D.
32 Dr.Guhan Intensive Unit  
33 Dr. Ilavarasan Intensive Unit MBBS.,Md (anaesthesia)
34 Dr.Nagajothi GM M.D(Gen.Medicine)
35 Dr. Revu Lalitha Kumari ETC  
36 Dr.Ashwin ETC  
37 Dr.Dinesh Kannan ETC  
38 Dr.Pavithra ETC  
39 Dr.Abilash GEN SURG M.S(Gen.Surg), FMAS
40 Dr. J. Shankari Dermatology M.D (Dermatology), DVL
41 Dr. Sandeep Plasric Surgery M.S., (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)
42 Dr.Meher Prasad (Mon, Wed, sat) Diabetes Entoctinolody & Obesity MBBS., MRCP, CCT(UK)
43 Dr.Aparajitha Mekala Paediatric MBBS.,Md(Paed)
44 Dr. Ramesh Raja IVF  
45 Dr. S. Ranjani IVF  
46 Dr. Asha Benziger IVF  
47 Dr. Puvithra T IVF  
48 Dr. P Surya IVF  
49 Dr. Sivaram Ganesamoni Sur. Onco logist M.S., MRCS (Edin.), DNB, M.Ch.
50 Dr. Sivaprakash Rathanaswamy Sur. Onco logist M.S., MRCS (Edin.), M.Ch.
51 Dr. Balaji Ramani Sur. Onco logist M.S., MRCS (Edin.), M.Ch., DNB
52 Dr. Sriprakash Duraisamy Sur. Onco logist M.S. (ENT), M.Ch (H&N)
53 Dr. Dhanasekar Padmanabhan Sur. Onco logist M.S.,DNB,M.Ch.,DNB,FAIS,FIAGES
54 Dr Srinivasa Prasad Nephro M.D., DM (Nephro)
55 Dr Shanmuga Sundaram Nephro M.D., DM (Nephro)
56 Dr Balasubramaniyam Nephro M.D., DM (Nephro)
57 Dr Thirumalavalavan Nephro M.D., DM (Nephro)
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