The greatest asset of the Superspeciality hospital is ultimately its team of skilled and dedicated doctors. With years of experience in their chosen fields, the highest academic qualifications, and recognition at the national and international level; they embody the Chettinad Group’s values of social responsibility, service to all, and striving for excellence at every stage.

We present below a list of the key people in each department.

Chettinad Super Speciality List

S.No. Dr's Name Qualification Department
1 Dr.Nagajothi.M MBBS,MD General Medicine
2 Dr.Venkatraman.M MS,ORTHO Orthopeadic Department
3 Dr. Saravanan.P MS,ORTHO Orthopeadic Department
4 Dr.Prema Jayaprasad.P MBBS,MD  Obstetrics and Gynaecology
5 Dr.Ragavi.M MBBB,DNB Obstetrics and Gynaecology
6 Dr.Mani Maran.R MBBS, MS(General Surgery), M.Ch(Plastic Reconstructive Surgery) Plastic Surgery
7 Dr.S.Govindharaaju MBBS,MCH Urology
8 Dr. Raghupathi MBBS,MS,MCH Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery
9 Dr. Ponnuswami MBBS,MS,MCH Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery
10 Dr.Pingali Ishwar Vidya Sagar MBBS,MS,DNB Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery
11 Dr.Prashanth Sha MBBS, MS,DNB Paediatric Cardiac Surgeey
12 Dr.Pradeep G.Nayar MD, DNB, MNAMS, FRCP, FACC, FSCAI, FIMSA Cardiology
13 Dr.Arumugam . C MBBS, MD,DM Cardiology
14 Dr.Chokalingam Meyappan MBBS, MD,DNB Cardiology
15 Dr.Ganesh.N MBBS, MD,DM Cardiology
16 Dr.Raj Kumar.R.A MBBS, MD,DNB Cardiology
17 Dr.Gopalakrishnan Raman MBBS,MD,DNB,DA Anaesthesia
18 Dr.Mohana Rangan. MBBS, MD(Anesthesiology) Anaesthesia
19 Dr.Kandaswamy.M MBBS,MD(DVL) Dermatology
20 Dr.Shyamala.R MBBS,DLO ENT
21 Dr.Jaya Kumar.S MD,DMRD Nephrology
22 Dr.Balasubramaniyan.T MD,DM Nephrology
23 Dr.Harris.M MD,DM Nephrology
24 Dr.Srinivasa Prasad MD,DM Nephrology
25 Dr.Saravanan B MBBS,MS,MCh Vascular Surgery
26 Dr.Ramesh.V.G MBBS,DNB(GS),M.Ch(Neuro Sur), DNB(Neuro Sur) , FICS,FMMC Neuro Surgery
27 Dr.Karthikeyan.K.V MBBS,MCH Neuro Surgery
28 Dr. Natarajan. MBBS,DNB Neurology
29 Dr.Subramaniyan.K MBBS,MD,DM Neurology
30 Dr.Babu Kumar.S MD (GM), DM (Gastro) Medical Gastro Enterology
31 Dr.Madhavan.M MBBS, MS, MCh Surgical Gastro Enterology
32 Dr.Bharath.R MBBS, MD,DNB Endocrinology/ Diabetology
34 Dr.Moorthy.G MBBS,MRCS(UK),MCh(AIIMS), DNB (Ped.Surg) , MNAMS Peadiatric Surgery
35 Dr.Senthil kumar.K  MDS Dental Surgeon,  Endodontist
36 Dr.Pandiyan.N MBBS,DGO,MD,MNAMS Andrology & Reproductive Medicine
37 Dr.Radha Pandiyan MBBS,DGO,MD Reproductive Medicine
38 Dr. Kanchana Devi.J MBBS, DGO,DNB,Fellow  (Reproductive Medicine) Reproductive Medicine
39 Dr.Gayathri Devi.S.S MBBS,MS(OG),Fellow in Rep.Med,MBA Reproductive Medicine
40 Dr. Ramesh Raja. D MBBS, PGDCE Clinical Embryology
41 Dr.S.Ranjani MBBS,DCE Clinical Embryology
42 Dr.Asha Benziger MBBS,DCE Clinical Embryology


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