The Chettinad Academy of Research and Education (CARE), a UG and PG teaching Medical University (deemed to be University Under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956)  has a state of the art  infrastructural facilities and is situated in Chettinad Health City,  Kelampakkam on OMR Road, 3 km next to Siruseri Industrial Park and 22km from Mathya Kailash, Chennai. It is an ideal destination for medical and bio-research with state of the art research and clinical facilities1.

The focus of research at CARE can be broadly categorized into:
1. Nanotechnology & Bio-technology in diagnostics, targeted drug delivery & vaccination
2. Human genomics & Genetics Epidemiology in Infection and Life Style Diseases
3. Native medicines, Marine Pharmacology & Drug discovery
4. Environment, Pollution & Infection Surveillance
5. Systems Biology and pathway analysis in diseases status
6. Innovations & Import substitutions in Diagnostics.

We thus integrate cutting edge technologies of basic sciences with clinical research.  A new generation of clinical and basic researchers & clinicians are involved in this venture2. Stalwarts in various fields of health research are in our panel of visiting professors3. The ambience accelerates the discovery process leading to evidence based medicine, translational research and innovative product development. Premium Central Research Facilities for Genomics, Nanotechnology, Small Animal Imaging, Bio-technology, Tissue Culture & regenerative medicine, Computational Biology, In-vitro fertilization and CPCSEA approved animal house facility complimented by sate of the art clinical departments all cater to the need of the researchers4.    

Various committees such as Research Advisory committee5, Internal Review Board6, Intellectual Property Rights Cell 7, Plagiarism Committee8, Institutional Human Ethics committee9 and Institutional Animal Ethics committee10 and Board of Research Studies11 all support, regulate, govern and steer the research activities in the campus. Major impetus of research are thus in the direction of Innovation, Import substitution and Translational Medicine. Many Memorandum of Understanding with National and International have thus been signed12. The List of Publications is presented in separate pages13.

To augment research further, CARE has instituted 25 Full Time CARE Research Fellowships, 4 post doctoral fellowships and 10 CARE funded Faculty Research projects. A total of 47 students in the Ph.D programme14 and 33 guides are working in various areas of specialization15. Two students have obtained extramural research fellowship from Govt. India as well, recognition to our research efforts. Further six students have submitted their synopsis towards Ph.D thesis. The institution

    welcomes Research Fellows and Post Doctoral Fellows holding their own extramural research funding to carry out their research from CARE and they shall join at any time. The green campus with state of the art infrastructural facilities are ideal destination for intellectual and career development.

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